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"We are Lulz Security, and this is our final release, as today marks something meaningful to us. 50 days ago, we set sail with our humble ship on an uneasy and brutal ocean: the Internet. The hate machine, the love machine, the machine powered by many machines." 50 Days of Lulz, by a Guest 25th June 2011.

The Collapse of LulzSec: Stand Alone Complex

Hector Xavier Monsegur: Sabu, Xavier DeLeon, Leon. Co-founder. Leader. Age 28, New York City, U.S. Arrested, 7th June 2011.

Ryan Ackroyd. kayla, KMS, lol, lolspoon. Co-founder. Botnet 'owner' housed in 8,000 infected servers. Age 25. Doncaster. England. Arrested, 6th March 2012.

Jake Davis. topiary, atopiary. Co-founder. Twitter Feed. Age 18, Shetland, Scotland. Arrested 27th July 2011.

Solomon Saleh. T-flow. Co-founder. Lulzsec website. Age 16, London, England. Arrested, 19th July 2011.

Darren Martyn. pwnsauce, raepsauce, networkkitten. Age 19, Galway, Ireland. Arrested, 6th March 2012

Donncha O'Cearbhaill. palladium, polonium, anonsacco. Age 19, Offaly, Ireland. Arrested, 6th March 2012

Jeremy Hammond. Anarchaos, sup_g, burn, tylerknowsthis, crediblethreat. Founder of HackThisSite. Age 27, Chicago, U.S. Arrested, 5th March 2012.

Ryan Cleary. joepie91. Bitcoin fund-raising. Age 19, Wickford, England. Arrested, 21st June 2011.

Hector Xavier Monsegur 'Sabu' was arrested on the 7th of June. He became an informant for the FBI immediately. "Since literally the day he was arrested, the defendant has been cooperating with the government proactively, literally worked around the clock," Assistant U.S. Attorney James Pastore, secret bail hearing on 5th August 2011. After the hearing, 'Sabu' entered a guilty plea to 12 criminal charges. He faced up to 124 years and six months in prison.

Jun 01 03:59:57 lol now i think about it

Jun 01 04:00:04 lol all these j35tr fags

Jun 01 04:00:17 lol are all ppl who've been caught dossing or something

Jun 01 04:00:29 lol you think they turned FBI bitch :D?

Jun 01 04:00:40 [redacted] its a conspiracy


Jun 01 04:54:33 Topiary wanna find something to hit?

Jun 01 05:05:45 storm sure

Jun 01 05:06:01 Topiary there's shit cool site

Jun 01 05:06:03 Topiary fbi.gov

Jun 01 05:06:10 lol xD

Jun 01 05:06:14 storm lol

Jun 01 05:06:24 lol ddos ic3.gov :D

Jun 01 05:06:40 storm whats with everyone wanting to hit govs

Jun 01 05:06:55 storm are you really that open to just going to jail ;x


Jun 01 05:11:51 lol go to 2600 irc and just cause drama

Jun 01 05:11:51 lol :D

Jun 01 05:12:03 Topiary should we just go on over to 2600, flame them, and then packet it?

Jun 01 05:12:07 joepie92 @nonyNews

Jun 01 05:12:07 joepie92 Peacemaking proposes an IP-spoofing version of #LOIC for use by #Anonymous. Ingenious!

Jun 01 05:12:09 joepie92 that was in #coders


Jun 01 05:13:08 joepie92 <lucid> I think anonymous should host a free proxy server, that would be awesome -- Will die laughing when @FBIPressOffice sets this one up.

Jun 01 05:13:18 joepie92 (that was in #senloris, where schmoo is as well)

Jun 01 05:13:19 joepie92 and idk

Jun 01 05:13:35 Topiary we need to gather info and profile all these fags, backtrace crew/wiki crew/jester crew

Jun 01 05:13:38 Topiary see where it all overlaps


Jun 04 12:26:38 sabu remember what happened with 2600

Jun 04 12:26:46 neuron I didn't have a problem in 2600

Jun 04 12:26:47 sabu you got to be on point if I op you


Jun 04 12:33:04 sabu guys

Jun 04 12:33:13 sabu if you head over we have much more control than on 2600

Jun 04 12:33:18 sabu so use your pseudonyms

Jun 04 12:33:29 sabu and lol @ faggotry on here

Jun 04 12:33:40 sabu register your nicks and tell me them

Jun 04 12:33:49 tflow bottle_of_rum

Jun 04 12:33:59 neuron Registeered BlackBeard

Jun 04 12:37:14 joepie91 Sabu: isn't it Ryans IRC...?

Jun 04 12:39:18 sabu 08:37 <lulzsupport> dude check this :) http://www.megaupload.com/?d=0H302G70

Jun 04 12:39:19 sabu 08:37 <lulzsupport> but do not spread use for your purposes ;)

Jun 04 12:39:24 sabu check whats about?

Jun 04 12:39:37 neuron mn?

Jun 04 12:39:49 sabu 08:38 <lulzsupport> [was to give it to captainjack yesterday but i lost him so i didn't have the time to give him the stuff]:)

Jun 04 12:39:52 sabu 08:38 <lulzsupport> nope friend but wanna help ;)

Jun 04 12:39:53 sabu on your vm

Jun 04 12:39:55 sabu 08:38 <lulzsupport> check and you say me :)

Jun 04 12:39:56 sabu download that megaupoad

Jun 04 12:39:59 sabu 08:38 <lulzsupport> [the directory issue] its for mantech.com :)

Jun 04 12:40:01 sabu neuron

Jun 04 12:40:02 neuron Rgr

Jun 04 12:40:04 sabu see wtf is in it

Jun 04 12:40:42 lol becarefull, if it's pdf's or things like tht

Jun 04 12:40:52 lol open it on a virtual machine

Jun 04 12:41:00 neuron Yeah

Jun 04 12:41:11 lol incase it exploits your pdf viwer or w/e filetype it is

Jun 04 12:41:35 sabu yeah

Jun 04 12:41:38 sabu neuron be on point

Jun 04 12:41:47 sabu make sure your vm is behind vpn etc

Jun 04 12:41:50 sabu so your ip isnt exposed

Jun 04 12:43:48 lol Dont mention nothing private in PM either

Jun 04 12:43:52 lol to no one

Jun 04 12:43:56 lol not even our members

Jun 04 12:43:56 sabu guys

Jun 04 12:43:58 sabu everyone

Jun 04 12:44:00 sabu talk here

Jun 04 12:44:01 lol just incase PM's are logged

Jun 04 12:44:04 sabu yup

Jun 04 12:44:08 joepie91 is it Ryans IRC or not?

Jun 04 12:44:10 sabu I'm there already established

Jun 04 12:44:16 sabu JOEPIE YES IT IS ED IRC NETWORK


Jun 04 12:44:24 neuron XD

Jun 04 12:44:26 joepie91 ah

Jun 04 12:44:27 joepie91 there

Jun 04 12:44:29 sabu ok

Jun 04 12:44:30 neuron Sabu: im there just waiting for ops

Jun 04 12:44:30 joepie91 that was what I was wondering about.

Jun 04 12:44:31 joepie91 lol

Jun 04 12:44:34 sabu lol

Jun 04 12:44:35 sabu ok

Jun 04 12:44:38 sabu before I start opping etc

Jun 04 12:44:38 * pwnsauce (pwnsauce@HA-l80.7te.pn6gun.IP) has joined #pure-elite

Jun 04 12:44:42 sabu make sure you guys are on point

Jun 04 12:44:44 neuron o/ pwnsauce 

Jun 04 12:44:44 lol pwnsauce :D

Jun 04 12:44:48 sabu if you get any docs / links in pm

Jun 04 12:44:50 sabu paste here

Jun 04 12:44:55 sabu we'll anallyze together

Jun 04 12:44:58 pwnsauce Yo

Jun 04 12:45:00 sabu no answering questions at all

Jun 04 12:45:03 pwnsauce whats happening?

Jun 04 12:45:05 sabu no drama dont get trolled

Jun 04 12:45:13 pwnsauce Just got online

Jun 04 12:45:33 joepie91 if someone feels like trolling Awinee some more, here is an excellent opportunity

Jun 04 12:45:34 joepie91 <awinee>asie, I wouldn't wanna hack CP sites.

Jun 04 12:45:34 joepie91 <awinee>just ddos them

Jun 04 12:45:34 joepie91 <asie>Awinee why not?

Jun 04 12:45:34 joepie91 <awinee>hacking them would involve possibly seeing the pictures

Jun 04 12:45:52 neuron lol

Jun 04 12:46:04 pwnsauce lol

Jun 04 12:46:12 sabu HAHA

Jun 04 12:46:17 joepie91 you know what they say about extreme denial.. .:D

Jun 04 12:46:22 sabu ok who is on here now?

Jun 04 12:46:28 sabu the lulzco server

Between the 17th and 19th of April 2011, 77 million registered PlayStation Network accounts were unceremoniously dumped into the internet. The network was flattened for 24 days in one of the greatest data security breaches in history. Account holders found themselves facing an abstract reality, that their names, addresses, dates of birth, passwords and security questions were all fluttering somewhere through the web, like paper thrown from a rooftop.


Elements of the hacking group Internet Feds and the hacktivist collective Anonymous involved in the PlayStation Network outage formed LulzSec. They exhibited a corresponding pattern to Anonymous, while initially motivated by mayhem, acting "for the lulz"; within weeks their actions had developed distinct political tones.

Hacking 20121107084931-d06342c6

7th May. Fox X Factor Applicant Info. 72,736 compromised accounts


10th May. Fox Sales Database. 112,883 compromised accounts


15th May. UK ATM Database. 3,133 compromised accounts


23rd May. Sony Japan. Site Directory Info


30th May. PBS. User data (2,498 IDs), fake story posted on website


2nd June. Sony. 72,116 accounts compromised


3rd June. "Fuck FBI Friday" Infragard Atlanta website defaced


10th June. pron.com. 26,000 e-mail addresses and passwords released


13th June. Bethesda Game Studios. 200,000 compromised accounts

-senate.gov. Emails and passwords of a number of users released


14th June. "Titanic Take-down Tuesday" websites: Minecraft, League of Legends, The Escapist, FinFisher. Online game EVE Online, main server for Heroes of Newerth


15th June. Protest on www.cia.gov


16th June. Writerspace.com.  62,000 compromised accounts


20th June. LulzSec joins Anonymous for operation AntiSec which aimed to protest government censorship and monitoring of the internet. LulzSec's activites were:

-Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA), website protest

-Jianhua District in Qiqihar, China, website protest


23rd June. Arizona Department of Public Safety. Email addresses, passwords and documents leaked


24th June. The Guardian published leaked logs from one of the group's IRC channels (edited extracts seen above). LulzSec member m_nerva is blamed for the leak and his anonymity is deliberately compromised by Sabu. Sabu attempts to suggest that the arrest of joepie91 is due to this leak. However, the leak does not contain enough personal information to have compromised joepie91


25th June. LulzSec released what they described as their last data dump. 500mb of data from AT&T, IP addresses from Sony, Viacom, Disney, EMI, and NBC Universal. 90,000 personal phones used by IBM, 750,000 usernames and password combinations, including 200,000 from hackforums.net, 12,000 from the NATO online bookstore, 500,000 from the online video game Battlefield Heroes, 50,000 from various video game forums, and 29 from Irish private investigation company Priority Investigations


18th July. Despite retirement claim, LulzSec deface The Sun and The Times website, posting a fake story claiming that Rupert Murdoch had died after ingesting a fatal dose of palladium

Jeremy Hammond accused of involvement in the Stratfor intelligence company breach, which was a part of Operation AntiSec by Anonymous, 200gb of data was obtained and given to WikiLeaks

Art in support of Jeremy Hammond