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Recently, Julian Assange launched a new preliminary investigation into the disappearance  of laptops from his luggage at Arlanda airport on 27 September 2010. Buried in his affidavit (paragraph 97) were some text messages sent by Sofia Wilen (one of the women who has reportedly made allegations against Julian Assange) while she was at Klara police station on the 20th August 2010. She wrote that she:


did not want to put any charges on JA but that the police were keen on getting a grip on him (sv: få tag på honom) (14:26);


and that she was:


“chocked [sic: shocked] when they arrested JA because she only wanted him to take a test (17:06).


As well as the content, the timing of these text messages is curious: 14:26 is approximately 25 minutes after the two women (the other being Anna Ardin) behind the so-called 'Stockholm affair' allegations, first arrived at the police station.


However, this first text message was sent nearly two hours before Wilen was interviewed formally by Irmeli Krans “The interview commenced at 16:21 and was terminated at 18:40”.


What did  Wilen and Ardin say to the police officer they initially spoke with (Linda Wassgren), for the Klara police to so quickly become “keen on getting a grip on [Assange]"? Surely, “a few pretty simple questions” about ensuring Assange took an HIV test would not cause such a reaction.


The second text message was sent at 17:06. This is precisely 6 minutes after the arrest warrant for Assange was first issued. However, Wilen was giving her formal statement to officer Irmeli Krans (a political acquaintance of Ardin's) between 16:21 and 18.40. Firstly, why was she sending a text message to her friends during a formal police interview? And, how can Wilen know about something happening in another part of the police station - presumably Klara officers conduct interviews in private rooms and not at the duty prosecutor's desk? Krans stated "In the course of the interview" both she and Wilen had been informed that "Assange had been arrested in absentia".


Was it that Klara police officers interrupted a formal interview to announce that their "getting a grip on [Assange]" was underway? And if so, is this normal behaviour? Does it fit with the circumstances outlined by both Wilen and Ardin - an attempt to get Assange to take an HIV test?


A test understood by everyone at the Klara police station to be completely pointless because Wilen had already taken one herself.


In fact Wilen went to Dandryd hospital for an HIV test on the 17th and by the 20th should have had the results, which take between one and three days to be returned. On the 17th Wilen also went to "Söder Hospital where she was examined and where samples with a so-called rape kit were also taken." Why did Wilen return to Söder with Ardin on the 20th just before going to Klara police station? The only possible explanation is to see if the 'rape kit' had turned up Assange's DNA.


Assange "I was contacted by a mutual friend of Anna and me on Friday, the 20th. It was a woman named Sonja who was at the hospital. She said something about DNA and the police - and I was very upset to hear that. No one alleged anything."


How can Wilen write on the 20th that "she only wanted him to take a test" when she'd already taken one and could likely find out the results by calling Dandryd hospital? How can Wilen write on the 21st that she “did not want to accuse JA for anything”; and that “it was the police who made up the charges”, when she went to Söder hospital on the 17th and the 20th?


At 18:40, Krans recorded that she felt it necessary to terminate the interview because Wilen had become distressed ("had difficulty concentrating") about the arrest warrant. Krans also stated that Wilen said she felt that Assange was “angry” with her (after she had learnt about the arrest warrant). What could have happened between 17:06 (when, according to Wilen’s text, she first heard about the arrest warrant) and 18:40, (when Krans judged Wilen too distressed to go on giving her statement) for her to understand that “Assange was angry at her”? Is this when the stated intention (an HIV test) changed?


Or was it that this intention was always false, considering: it made no sense to begin with, it does not match the reaction of Klara officers, and what became of it - an incomprehensible allegation of rape - based on someone who either "awoke" or was "half-asleep" or "sleeping" (according to different witness statements) and who alleged that they "didn’t have the energy" to say that they wanted a condom to be used because it was "too late" and then failed to respond with either a yes or a no when Assange said he wanted to "come inside her"?


This allegation was leaked to the tabloid press within hours by the Klara police as simply "rape". Under these circumstances, Wilen might assume Julian Assange would be angry with her?


In witness statements by friends of Ardin, Wilen went to the police to make an allegation of rape against Assange:


Kajsa Borgnäs "Anna had said that she and the other young woman had decided to go to the police so that the other woman could report Julian for rape, and that Anna would follow along in support."


Petra Ornstein "Anna had said that the other woman had related that she had been raped by Julian. Anna [...] herself did not intend to file a complaint against Julian but wanted to support the other young woman."


In witness statements by friends of Assange, Wilen went to the police to get Assange to take an HIV test:


Donald Boström "Anna phoned me often and said that all we want is for him to take an HIV test; then we won't file a complaint, she said." 


Johannes Wahlström "[Assange] replied, “I can take a blood test, but I don’t want to be blackmailed into taking a blood test. They are saying that either Sofia goes to the police, or I take a blood test." 


In witness statements by friends of Wilen, she went to the police to get Assange to take an HIV test:


Marie Thorn "When Sofia visited the hospital and the police, it did not turn out as Sofia wanted. She only wanted Julian to get tested. She felt that she had been run over by the police and others."


Hanna Rosquist "Sofia wanted Assange to be tested for venereal disease. Sofia had gotten a test, but it would take a much longer time before she got the results. It would go much faster if Assange were to get a test." (this is incorrect)


The content and timing of the Wilen's text messages, which according to Marie Thorn's statement include "figur[ing] out a good way to get revenge" because Wilen was "very angry with Julian" and "all the hullabaloo" he had caused - are inexplicable. Wilen's stated intention - made before, during and after going to the police - does not match other witness statements, in fact it does not even match her own statement.


It is perhaps unsurprising that prosecutor Eva Finné stated the day after Wilen's police interview “I do not believe there is any reason to suspect that Julian Assange has committed rape" and decided to dismiss all sex related charges four days later. What is suprising is that Ardin and Wilen then contacted the politician-lawyer Claes Borgström to have the case re-opened, which he succeeded in doing (courtesy of prosecutor Marianne Ny) on 1 September.


The disconnection between Wilen's text messages and what she said to others, with what she told Ardin points to a conspiracy. There can be no other reason for such a disparity. Nothing about this case 'adds up' and yet when individuals say and do things that do not make sense, that conflict - there is always a reason. There is always something else going on.

New Information in the Affidavit of Julian Assange. Text Messages - Timing

November 24, 2013