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FOI - Colin Powell memo reveals Tony Blair committed perjury at Chilcot inquiry

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On 29 January 2010, Tony Blair informed the Chilcot inquiry that "there was nothing actually decided" (page 40) during his meeting with George W Bush at the Crawford ranch in Texas (5-7 April 2002). However, a Colin Powell memo (obtained by a Mail on Sunday FOI case), sent to Bush in the week before the meeting, reveals that the so-called 'deal in blood' (page 29) consisted of Blair undertaking to "be with [the US] should military operations be necessary", and that the UK would “follow [the US] lead in the Middle East”. The memo indicates that the Crawford gathering was designed to ensure that Blair: "unleashes a full-scale campaign [to build support for action against Iraq] in parliament and with the general public" in concert with "US policy [...] trajectory".